Ryan J Pettypool
Vote August 3 2010
Elect - Ryan J Pettypool - County Commissioner - District 6
Why you should elect Ryan J Pettypool

We the people, this is the message that resounds mostly with me. This is the reason I run for County Commissioner. This is my passion for politics. For to long society has allowed a select few with a defined agenda to control politics. Locally and nationally. time and time again I have seen career politicians make decisions on what is best for them or there interest before they consider the peoples will. What they have forgot is they are a representatives elected by a population that wants to be heard. All collective groups of people have opinions and ideas that can enhance the community we live in. This is going to be my job to listen to this feedback and integrate these ideas into making this county the best place to reside and run a business. As your elected official I will represent you. I will fight for you and together we will take are county back. We will improve our infrastructure and invest in local small business all without raising taxes. Raising taxes is a form of laziness. God gave us all brains to use to fix problems and solve issues. Why we continue to believe that throwing more money after it will solve the problem. I say this as there are always efficiencies and new practices in this process that can be implemented. There are always ways to maintain instead of buying new. I am an expert at finding out of the box creative solution that will accommodate our need without expending a large amount of money. When your time comes August 3rd to vote your will, choose somebody you know will listen to you and act on your feedback. I hope this choice will be me.


                                                                           Ryan J Pettypool.


                                                                  *God Bless Macomb County*

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